Alone. Unloved. Insufficient. Unwanted. Defective. Imperfect. Uninvited. Inadequate. Deficient. Desolate. Unworthy. Failure. Incomplete. Rejected.

We all know the feeling. You know what I’m talking about. The sting of being left out. The burn of not quite being good enough. The sheer pain of rejection. The feeling that comes from someone saying: “I don’t choose you” or “You aren’t good enough.”

Rejection causes a blinding hurt that you won’t soon forget. The emotional pain of rejection is linked to physical pain. Rejection literally hurts. Rejection is an ugly tool that the enemy uses in attempts to steal joy and render the Children of God useless for His Purposes.

The enemy tries to get you to believe that you aren’t good enough. That God would never use you. That God doesn’t use people like you. That you are too dirty or sinful to ever be used. That you don’t have enough friends or education to do what He has called you to do. That you’re unwanted so you would be ineffective even if you tried. That you always mess everything up. That you were uninvited last weekend, so nobody cares about you anyway.

You’ve had thoughts like these? Me too. In fact, feelings of inadequacy has been one of my biggest struggles since I decided to chase the Call of God on my life at full speed. When I decided to stop pursuing my own interests and surrendered to the Will of God was when the enemy first started planting paralyzing seeds of rejection in my mind.

At times, I’ve found myself upset with God. Asking: “Why would You let me feel like this?” In those moments, the enemy had accomplished his goal. I felt defeated and powerless. It can be hard to talk about feeling helpless as a Christian because it is admitting moments of faithlessness and falling short. It wasn’t until I stopped blaming God for allowing me to feel pain and brought it to Him for healing that I received the answers I was looking for. God gave me a few key revelations that have significantly changed the way I handle feelings of hurt and rejection:

  • God didn’t design us for rejection.
  • God can’t heal something we don’t bring to Him.
  • We are made complete only in Him, so it doesn’t matter if you have human approval.
  • He doesn’t want us to feel that way.
  • He created us in His image, so we weren’t created to be insufficient.
  • We are so loved that He died for us.

So instead of believing the ugly lies of the enemy, declare them invalid in the name of Jesus. Recognize the lie and cast it out, then quickly replace it with Truth. For instance:

The enemy lies: “You’ll never be good enough to do anything important”

God says: “I laid out extravagant plans for your life to bring Me glory before you were born”

The enemy lies: “You’re not as pretty or as smart as they are”

God says: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made, don’t fall into comparison”

The enemy lies: “Nobody loves you or wants you”

God says: “I love you so much that I send my Son for you”

By replacing the lies with Truth, you prevent the lies from taking root in your mind. You prevent the vicious feelings of rejection from haunting you and rendering you weak and insecure. Live loved and access all that He has for you!



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