Remember Who You Are


The world tries to sell us so many lies. It tries to tell us how we need to look, what we should do for a living, what we should wear, what we should think of ourselves, who we should date, who our friends should be, and so many other things that it has NO BUSINESS influencing. The world is not your friend. Yet, we buy all of its lies like its doing us a favor. We strive for worldly standards when all it wants is to see us fail. It tells us we have to achieve unrealistic standards to have worth. And it does this all while preaching equality. One of the most important things you can do is to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

Remembering who you are does not mean that you think you are better than others or that you think too highly of yourself. But, it does help you realize that you are under no obligation to live up to worldly standards. YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE KING! You shouldn’t spend time worrying about what the world says. You are unconditionally loved even if you aren’t as skinny as that girl in the commercial. You have a God-given plan for your life, so why worry if your journey looks different than theirs? God is not efficient by worldly standards, but He is always on time! The longer the wait, the better the blessing.

You may not be in a position you’re proud of right now. Does this mean that you should just give up and forget about God’s plan for your life? Not a chance. God doesn’t call qualified people to do His work. There are no such people. Jesus is the only perfect human that has ever walked the Earth. Stop telling God you’re not ready and just let Him guide your steps. He will equip you for the journey He has planned for your life. It is never too late to let Him take control. Don’t settle for a life of pain, lack, and sin. This doesn’t mean you’ll never mess up, but it means you’ll have the tools to get back up and keep going.

Don’t settle for less than God’s best for your life. Not only are you worth more than that, but He is worth more than that. God has a plan your life, a plan to bless you, love you, and forgive you. Don’t make the mistake of telling Him you don’t want it because you don’t feel worthy. He is your Father. He wants nothing more than the absolute best for His children. Accept His plan for your life, and you’ll never be the same. It’s never too late.   

One thought on “Remember Who You Are

  1. When I saw the title I thought of The Lion King. I dislike that nowadays people are trying to be something that they are not. Be yourself and is what I always say.


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