They’re Watching You


We all have those people. The people who just don’t seem to like us. The ones who wait for us to fail. The ones who examine our every move and criticize the slightest imperfection. These people can be HARD to love. We find it challenging to love someone who seems to hate us. You may wonder why they deserve your love. You may wonder how you can possibly love them when they are so awful to you. However, the Bible clearly offers the solution to this issue. LOVE THEM ANYWAY!! It says that if you don’t love others, you don’t really love God. So as challenging as someone may be to love, we are called to set aside our pride and do it anyway. Their behavior may have causes we don’t know about. We should try to see them as God sees them even though they may not do the same.

Have you ever thought that maybe they are in your life because you were called to be an example for them? Maybe you were called to help them come closer to God. It may look like jealousy, but behind every jealous action is a hurting heart.They may be acting out towards you because they don’t know how to approach you. It is likely that they want to be you, but they don’t know how to reciprocate your actions. They are always paying attention to you. They are always waiting to see how you react to challenges and difficult people. They want to see you fail because it means that they aren’t doing as bad as they thought. They want to know that others fail too.

It is so incredibly important to love these people even when it seems impossible. Set a Christ-like example for them to follow. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “give them something to talk about.” This is exactly what you should do. Treat them with such kindness and love that they just have to share it. Pour out love and compassion in double the amount of hatred and jealousy they threw at you. GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT! Treat them so well that they ask you why you would treat them that way when they treat you so badly. That is the perfect opportunity to share Jesus with them. You never know the impact your actions could have on someone’s life. Make sure it’s a Godly one! Here are a few ways to love those challenging people in your life:

  • Make a point to tell them “hello” whenever you see them
  • Ask them how they are doing…..and really listen
  • Write them an encouraging note
  • Bless them with a gift
  • Pray for them
  • Pray with them
  • Invite them to church
  • Ask them how you could help
  • Serve them in some way

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